Innovative Ways You Can Create a Regenerative World

By 8th November 2022 News Feed, Regeneration

“In my childhood I spent much of my time on my uncle’s farm and being outdoors; that connection with nature is something I have always valued. Over the past 30 years I have watched the challenges and the impact of climate change. Whilst in the Army, I saw places where social societies had broken down…

…Equity, fairness and equality are part of the same thing. It is my generation’s responsibility to do something now. We are in an emergency, that is the simple truth.”

This extract comes from a recent podcast with Amy Riley, where we candidly discuss how you can take a regenerative approach in your work and your life.

For many years LSP Leadership has been coaching and challenging leaders to enable them to make a positive impact on their organisation’s sustainable performance, whilst creating a legacy for future generations that provides society and our living planet what it needs to thrive.

We need to act now. This is an emergency and it is our generation’s responsibility to lead ourselves differently.

What is society asking of you right now, and what can you uniquely contribute? This is just one new question that we have introduced into our leadership coaching.

At LSP Leadership in answering this question for ourselves, we have taken action in the face of the climate and bio diversity crises through taking on the stewardship of some land.

Our aim is to be net positive in terms of both CO2 and biodiversity by sequestering carbon in soil, hedges and trees.


*Image courtesy of Graham Hull.


(Graham was fed up seeing plastic tree guards in the countryside, so he decide to change this, designing and selling the tree guards you can see in the picture which are bio degradable).

There are a number of things that you can do by thinking and acting differently.  Crucial to this is taking time to connect with what is most important to you.

What is it?

Locate the responses that feel most complete and right for you.

And then set your intent and bring your energy to this.

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