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Global Agribusiness

Client: Global Agribusiness

Length of Partnership: 4 Years


To realign the businesses and focus its strategy to deliver higher value solutions, moving its culture to enable this from overly hierarchical, with slow decision making and an aversion for risk taking. “We’ve been a fast follower for years, now we need to be an industry leader”


Our client was clear that it would be the leaders of the business that would make the transformation a success. LSP built a thorough understanding of the organisation, principally by meeting and talking to people. Two core leadership programmes were designed and delivered organisation wide. They were grounded in business needs and directly met the challenges identified. The solution comprised multiple modules so that learning was constantly applied back on the job, supported by one to one coaching.


The return on investment is that for every £1 that the client has invested in their leaders, the company have received back £5 in business benefits. These include productivity measures (costs saved, such as on chemicals and water) and time saved, improved client responsiveness, as well as new opportunities identified.

“I identified product and role changes, new supply alterations and incorporated the views of my team members increasing their productivity”.

“More intensive and efficient information flow has resulted in quick solving of issues and prevention, reducing customer compensation claims”

“A coasting employee has now raised his game and is a different person through coaching”

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