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Global Construction Business

Client: Global Construction Business

Length of Partnership: 4 Years


The clear strategic outcomes were to build leadership capability, refocus on specialist client service capabilities, and foster collaboration to leverage global scale & accelerate revenue growth.


Team coaching of top 50 leaders beneath Executive Leadership team, in teams of 10;  (followed by multiple leadership development programmes to lower levels to roll out the leadership principles).

The CEO leading the team through a significant shift in the operating model, organisational focus and change to become a high performing team and lead a high performing culture.   Specifically;

  1. Step change improvement in team dynamics, through exposure to team coaching principles and challenge, and establishment of common team purpose and ways of working.
  2. Significant step up in leadership capability and engagement of all tiers of leaders
  3. Shift towards more collaborative leadership behaviour to foster teamwork and synergies between the operating divisions
  4. Developed a new strategic business model, with strategic priorities and execution plans, with clear definition of roles and responsibilities

Strategic initiatives included identification of cross-geography client development initiatives, clarification of how to move up the value creation curve and move away from increasingly commoditised offerings, and identification of “white space” opportunities in the business model matrix across services specialisms, client sectors and value chain.


A new 5 year Strategic Vision for new business model matrix with revenue and profit outcomes established, and a team capable, engaged, motivated and working collaboratively to deliver the vision.

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