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Leading Sustainable Performance and a legacy beyond the numbers.

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Bridging the leadership gap.

Our clients engage with us to accelerate leadership performance. Some recent examples are:

  • Individual and team coaching of an inexperienced leadership team growing a new international market in Asia
  • Developing the core talent of a UK business to be ready for a 3 year succession plan
  • Increasing the capability of managers to better performance manage by upskilling their capability to coach
  • Train, develop and coach supervise a global pool of internal coaches
  • Develop the depth of leadership capability across 4 levels of leaders simultaneously
  • Team coaching an executive team leading a cultural shift

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Understand the opportunity, and necessity.

We help you increase probability of long term commercial success by immersion in, and enhanced thinking and decision making from better understanding the complexity, risks and opportunities of rapid societal and environmental changes. Recent examples are:

  • Support to key Directors by increasing their individual capacity for resilience
  • Coach two CEO’s as a wise partner and critical friend in their approach and legacy
  • Coach the CEO and team of a not for profit as they lead their transformation to a new operating model, including an organisational amalgamation
  • Mentor the MD of a social enterprise for scaling up

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Getting to the root causes.

We help you adapt the principles of elite Olympic performance to develop high performance habits and proud stories in your teams.

We work with you to foster a culture where innovation can flourish and the skills of innovation are known and used. Some recent examples are:

  • Coaching an individual high performer to go further
  • Train internal subject matter experts to be able to effectively train others, assessing needs, design and delivery both face to face and virtually across 3 global regions

Taking the 10 top talent of a UK business, part of a global FMCG company, and immersing and coaching them through the habits and routines of elite performers

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What our clients say about us

When I decided to review the leadership programmes for the organisation, I knew that one of the critical success factors was to find an organisation which would not just provide us with a “training course” but would become a true partner to Lend Lease.
I wanted an organisation whose values were aligned with ours and whose members would go the extra mile to understand our business and our culture, meet the individual needs of our people and commit to deliver value added outcomes. LSP exceeded my expectations. They listen, engage, challenge and support our people with relentless energy to get the best results."

Mylene Baxter, Former Head of Learning & Development, Lend Lease Europe

"LSP really stands out in the way they energize and inspire and in their ability to connect with people’s actual work in a way that truly makes them change and develop both personally and professionally. They’re a truly international partner with an extensive pool of excellent consultants (always provide multi-regional teams of consultants) which reflects where we want to be with our company. They love what they do and they really take ‘my’ people’s development to heart"

International Director of Talent

"The results of our work are amazing. I regained clarity of personal values, purpose and vision, paired with confidence on the way forward. On the execution of my strategy and plan my coach always gives me positive support whilst providing me at the same time with the right level of constant challenge."

Global team lead. FTSE 100 business.

Deepen your organisation's leadership capability.

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